Spring Rituals

Spring Rituals

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Spring Rituals
  • Slow Burn: Intention Setting for Spring with Ann Fancy

    Kick off the spring season with this thoughtful, powerful flow. Ann discusses setting the foundation of fruitful soil to cultivate our intentions. You'll need two blocks.

  • Blend: The 5 Elements in Practice with Kacee

    Kacee begins with a short explanation of Prana and Qi which connects to the Coffee + Philosophy: The 5 Elements discussion. Drawing your attention to these forces in your practice may facilitate balance and harmony between the 5 elements within you and the seasons. Grab two blocks and start this ...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Exploring the 5 Elements with Kacee

    Kacee begins the discussion with an overview of the theory of perception, Prana, and Qi. These foundations lead the discussion to the five elements which lead to our creation and destruction patterns. Each of the five elements connect to a season of life. Noticing each element within us can revea...

  • Strength: Core + Crow with Chris

    This short flow stabilizes and strengthens the body while preparing for crow pose (bakasana).

    Recommended Playlist: CLICK HERE

  • Cacao Tree Cafe: Tahini Kale Salad

    Prepare a delicious and nutritious kale salad with your own homemade Tahini dressing along with Amber from Cacao Tree Cafe!

  • Cacao Tree Cafe: Pecan Sandies

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious Pecan Sandies prepared by Amber from Cacao Tree Cafe!

  • Citizen x Cacao Tree Recipes

    1.92 MB

  • Welcoming Your Inner Critic with Caroline, LLMSW from BLND

    Caroline with BLND health dives into the idea of 'parts work' which explains that we are multifaceted with many different aspects of us. In times of harmony, we can feel whole, but during harder times, it can feel like certain parts of us get out of control. Caroline discusses this framework and ...

  • How to Create a Routine with Miranda, LLMSW Candidate from BLND

    Miranda, discusses the importance of a routine. These days we are all feeling quite a bit of brain fog and fatigue whether it be due to long zoom meetings, staying vigilant about pandemic safety, or simply navigating the uncertainty of the world we currently live in. Streamlining your morning rou...

  • Guided Meditation: Listening Presence with Lydia

    Lydia offers a full body scan to root your awareness in this 5 minute mediation.