Pre + Postnatal

Pre + Postnatal

Learn safe modifications for all stages of pregnancy while we help create space, strength, and a connection with your body for your growing baby. This class uses breath and guided visualization, a coping mechanism that helps reduce the severity of contractions during labor, to reduce stress and tension while stretching and strengthening in preparation for delivery. Recommended for women new to yoga and those looking to meet new friends & start forming you mom group!

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Pre + Postnatal
  • Prenatal: Energizing Flow with Dayle

    Join Dayle in this guided prenatal flow. Safe for new mommas introducing postnatal practices back into their daily routine. If you have a few blocks at home, grab them for some added support.

  • Prenatal: Find Peace with Dayle

    A great flow if you are wanting to take things a little easier in your practice. Great for right before bed.

  • Prenatal With Rachel

    You'll need two blocks and a nearby wall for this 60 minute prenatal practice that focuses on building strength, abdominal toning and mobility with an emphasis on breath

  • Postnatal: Mom + Baby Flow with Dayle

    Postnatal practice. This is for women that have been approved by their doctor for exercise. If you are looking to also practice with your new baby!

  • Prenatal Pranayama with Rachel

    In this video you will work on three safe for pregnancy, grounding and calming pranayamas. Be sure you have a flat and even place to sit for this pranayama, or use 2 blocks and a blanket for a supported hero's pose.

  • Prenatal: Gentle + Grounded Flow with Rachel

    Facilitate relaxation and calm your nervous system with this accessible, no experience necessary yoga flow designed for relieving common pregnancy aches and pains. You will need two blocks, a blanket and a bolster or pillow.

  • Prenatal: Safe Core with Rachel

    Navigating core strength exercises can be tricky and confusing during pregnancy - in this video you will have a sequence focused on SAFE and effective prenatal core. Be sure to grab your weight and 2 blocks and be prepared to break a little sweat!