New Releases

  • Vinyasa: Satya with Ann Fancy

    Ann Fancy offers a mindful, challenging Vinyasa which centers around the niyama 'satya' or truthfulness. Listening to your body and meeting yourself where you are is essential in an honest flow.

  • Blend: Gratitude Flow with Casey

    Casey offers a flow that embodies gratitude throughout the body. This flow focuses on the root chakra and the lower body. Two blocks will be helpful here.

  • Blend: Taking Care of the Mind with Kacee

    Kacee offers a class that inspires you to reframe your thinking to support the health of your mind. This flow focuses on the quads as Kacee opens the body for back bending. A strap, 2 blocks, and a blanket are recommended.

  • Meditation + Pranayama with Jeff

    Find a comfortable seat as Jeff guides you through a ~20 minute meditation which helps you settle in and cultivate mindfulness.

  • Prenatal: Embodying the Goddess with Dayle

    Dayle works through a practice tailored towards working with divine feminine energy. This flow is especially geared towards those who are pregnant or those who are postpartum. In this 30 minute flow, you will gently open the hips while expanding and strengthening the lower body. Grab two blocks t...

  • Prenatal + Postpartum Flow with Dayle

    Dayle is back with another express flow for pregnant individuals or those who are postpartum. Dayle focuses on opening the heart and the shoulders while gently awakening the pelvic floor muscles. You'll need two blocks.

  • Postpartum Flow with Dayle

    Dayle offers a quick flow which is great for postpartum women or anyone looking to squeeze some movement into their day. This flow focuses on strengthening the core + the upper body while opening and expanding the hips and the quadriceps. Two blocks and a blanket are optional.

  • Yoga + Strength: Glutes + Hips with Han

    In this 45 minute class, Han offers a flow to open and strengthen the hips, glutes, and lower body. No props are needed.

  • Yoga + Strength: Using Your Glutes with Linda Kay

    Get ready to work and have fun! Linda activates the glutes while protecting the knees and low back in this practice.

  • Yoga + Strength: Glutes + Core with Kacee

    In this class, Kacee focuses on core and glutes to energetically support you during your day. This class is great to remedy fatigue! Props are optional, but you may benefit from having a block.

  • Yoga + Strength: Glutes + Quads with Chris

    In this 20 minute video, Chris provides a well-balanced flow that focuses on strengthening the glutes and quads while opening the hips. Chris also weaves in some heart-opening in this flow. No props necessary.

  • After Travel Practice with Casey Miller

    Casey offers a post travel practice to ground back into your body after a long journey. This class focuses on opening and activating the lower legs and the hips. Blocks are recommended.

  • Express Blend: Twists with Dayle

    In this quick 10 minute practice, Dayle offers a great flow for new moms or those who are expecting to add some movement in their day. Two blocks and a blanket are recommended.