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Featured Content
  • Vinyasa: Satya with Ann Fancy

    Ann Fancy offers a mindful, challenging Vinyasa which centers around the niyama 'satya' or truthfulness. Listening to your body and meeting yourself where you are is essential in an honest flow.

  • Cultivating Positivity Through Breathwork with MB Mannino

    To achieve a state of peace and relaxation, MB uses four breathing techniques to dissolve tension. From there, MB helps guide the body to meet the mind in order to cultivate a positive mindset.

  • Blend: Gratitude Flow with Casey

    Casey offers a flow that embodies gratitude throughout the body. This flow focuses on the root chakra and the lower body. Two blocks will be helpful here.

  • Blend: Taking Care of the Mind with Kacee

    Kacee offers a class that inspires you to reframe your thinking to support the health of your mind. This flow focuses on the quads as Kacee opens the body for back bending. A strap, 2 blocks, and a blanket are recommended.