Mental Well-Being

Mental Well-Being

Mental Well-Being
  • Cacao Tree x Citizen Yoga

    2 videos

    Founded by Amber Poupore, Cacao Tree Cafe creates fresh, nourishing offerings using the highest quality ingredients available. She hopes to inspire you to eat more plants, feel amazing and to create your own unique dishes at home. They believe that having a home cooked meal doesn't have to be a ...

  • Social Comparison with John Evans, PhD CMPC

    John Evans, PhD CMPC discusses the prevalence of social comparison in a modern world. John goes over the history of social comparison, the benefits, the disadvantages, and what we can do about it.

  • Welcoming Your Inner Critic with Caroline, LLMSW from BLND

    Caroline with BLND health dives into the idea of 'parts work' which explains that we are multifaceted with many different aspects of us. In times of harmony, we can feel whole, but during harder times, it can feel like certain parts of us get out of control. Caroline discusses this framework and ...

  • Exploring Anxiety and Worry with John Evans, Ph.D, CMPC from BLND

    John discusses the concept of psychological smog and how it connects to anxiety and worry. By changing our relationship to anxiety and decreasing worry - we can rise out of the mental smog. John gives multiple techniques to reframe our ideas of anxiety and worry.

  • The way we Communicate with Cricket, LMSW from BLND

  • Self Esteem with Jevon, LLMSW from BLND

    Jevon from BLND health speaks to boosting self confidence in an authentic, healthy way. In this short talk, Jevon provides useful tools to encourage raised self esteem through the act of gratitude.

  • Building a Support Network with Jevon, LLMSW from BLND

    As social beings our drive to engage and interact with others is built into our DNA. Still we often isolate and hide our true feelings and thoughts from our loved ones and closest friends. Instead, let’s lean into our network to intentionally build the support we all want when things go wrong. #2...

  • Overcoming Urges with Life Coach Sindy Warren

  • Live Your Values Discussion with John PhD, CMPC from BLND

    John Evans, therapist at BLND Health, gives you a preview of the "Live your Values" Online Workshop taking place on Wednesday, December 30th.

    John talks about the importance of discovering the values that guide your life and how to take action from a value driven mindset versus outcome based pe...

  • Sleep
    4 videos


    4 videos

  • BLND Health

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  • Changing the Behavior with Sarah, LMSW from Embodied Wellness

    Do you ever struggle with urges to self-harm, use drugs or alcohol or other behaviors you want to stop? Grab a pen and paper as we develop a plan together to help you get to the root of these urges and change your behavior!

    Connect with Sarah!
    -Follow her on Instagram @embodiedwellness
    -Check ...

  • DBT Part Two: Relating to Others with Sarah, LMSW from Embodied Wellness

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based treatment for individuals struggling with mood disorders, substance use and borderline personality disorder. Anyone can benefit from these helpful tools to manage mood, relate better with others and increase mindfulness.

    In part two of this v...

  • How to Create a Routine with Miranda, LLMSW Candidate from BLND

    Miranda, discusses the importance of a routine. These days we are all feeling quite a bit of brain fog and fatigue whether it be due to long zoom meetings, staying vigilant about pandemic safety, or simply navigating the uncertainty of the world we currently live in. Streamlining your morning rou...

  • Anxiety + Avoidance with Jevon, LLMSW from BLND

    Given all that has happened this year, some may have experienced the cycle of anxiety that traps us in self-doubt and worry. When we have fear and unknowns you will usually find some degree of worry. Unfortunately, worry can elevate to anxiety and rumination when we hide our fears and ignore the...

  • Emotional Regulation with Jevon, LLMSW from BLND

    We all experience emotions. Some are more pleasant than others but how we deal with these emotions can be a step towards understanding your anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. Javon will discuss primary and secondary emotions plus dig in how anger became synonymous with masculinity...

  • What is EMDR Therapy with Cricket, LMSW from BLND

  • Essential Oils + Your Emotions with Cindy

    Cindy discusses the harmful effects of stress and her holistic remedies for stagnant emotions. Cindy dives deep into neuroscience concepts throughout this video to make meaning out of our emotions and how they impact our actions.

  • Sleep Rituals with Cindy

    Cindy and Drew demonstrate effective sleep rituals for those who have struggled to sleep during the transition to working from home. It is no secret that sleep is essential to our whole body health - grab a cup of warm milk and join Cindy for some sleeping tips.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Lexi from BLND

    Lexi, a LLMSW Candidate, leads you through a relaxing technique that increases motivation, decreases irritability, and reduces stress hormones.

  • 5 Steps to Picking your Mental Health Care Provider

    BLND’s founder, Brooke Buys, has over 20 years in the field with experience in clinical outpatient therapy, residential treatment, and school counseling. She created BLND as an alternative to traditional, one-size-fits-all wellness models, with the vision of offering personalized, authentic suppo...

  • Create Sustainable Change with Life Coach Ricki Friedman

    13 videos

    Ricki Friedman – coach, speaker, writer, content creator and founder of Break the Weight. Ricki has spent the last decade coaching people to break the mental, physical and emotional weight they carry. She teaches simple ways to overcome obstacles, build heathier habits and create sustainable chan...

  • Meditation
    16 videos


    16 videos

    A regular mindfulness practice can help to increase positive affect, the extent to which an individual subjectively experiences positive moods such as joy, interest, and alertness; as well as, decrease negative affect, feelings of distress and anxiety. These videos are designed to be listened to ...

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with BLND Health

    4 videos

    John Evans, the Director of Mental Conditioning at BLND Health, guides you through a few of the components of ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Stopping the struggle of trying to control your thoughts and emotions, this series will help you stay focused on what really matters to you and he...