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Watch this video and more on Citizen On-Demand

Quick Vinyasa with Kacee

Kacee • 20m

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  • 5 Minutes to Headstand with Kacee

    Kacee breaks down the principles of headstands in this video to provide tips on optimal alignment for this posture. Please note, handstand is traditionally learned before headstand. This video is for handstand beginners and seasoned practitioners that want to refine their practice.

  • Vinyasa: Moving Out Of Frustration wi...

    This 25 minute flow is designed to move any stagnant energy and release any frustration you might be feeling. Class will build to the backbend, Ustrasana, camel pose.

    Sweat Level: Just enough

    Recommended for: Those that practice regularly

    Props: 2 blocks + a stap

  • Yin: Releasing Irritation + Agitation...

    This 25 minute yin class is designed release irritation and agitation.

    Sweat Level: None

    Recommended for: One of my first 5 Classes, Beginners and Beyond, Practice Regularly, Advanced

    Props: 2 blocks, a strap, a bolster and blanket