After struggling with her own mental health, coupled with the loss of her sister who took her own life, Citizen founder Kacee Must began a search for meaning. Seeking answers and purpose, Kacee packed up and went to India to spend 3 years living at a formal academy studying Vedanta philosophy. A lifelong practitioner of Yoga, it wasn’t until the academy needed someone to lead the daily 30-minute Yoga session that Kacee stepped into the role of the teacher, and discovered she was born to teach. Upon returning to Detroit, Kacee started Citizen Yoga in 2013 with a mission to improve mental health and prevent suicide, offering yoga as a tool for handling the stresses of life, as inspired by her sister, Miya.

Citizen is grounded in tradition, and is focused on alignment of body, mind and intellect. Always a student, Kacee embraces all schools of yoga, building upon her deep Vedanta foundation finding truth in different traditions, methodologies, and lenses such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Kacee brings to Citizen, and her teaching, the unique gift of helping you redirect your mind to gain insight through asana.

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  • Blend: Taking Care of the Mind with Kacee

    Kacee offers a class that inspires you to reframe your thinking to support the health of your mind. This flow focuses on the quads as Kacee opens the body for back bending. A strap, 2 blocks, and a blanket are recommended.

  • Quick Vinyasa with Kacee

    Kacee offers a quick vinyasa without props for those on the go and need some quick movement in their day.

  • 5 Minutes to Headstand with Kacee

    Kacee breaks down the principles of headstands in this video to provide tips on optimal alignment for this posture. Please note, handstand is traditionally learned before headstand. This video is for handstand beginners and seasoned practitioners that want to refine their practice.

  • Vinyasa: Moving Out Of Frustration with Kacee

    This 25 minute flow is designed to move any stagnant energy and release any frustration you might be feeling. Class will build to the backbend, Ustrasana, camel pose.

    Sweat Level: Just enough

    Recommended for: Those that practice regularly

    Props: 2 blocks + a stap

  • Yin: Releasing Irritation + Agitation with Kacee

    This 25 minute yin class is designed release irritation and agitation.

    Sweat Level: None

    Recommended for: One of my first 5 Classes, Beginners and Beyond, Practice Regularly, Advanced

    Props: 2 blocks, a strap, a bolster and blanket

  • Flow for Happiness with Kacee

    A Flow for Happiness is a sequel to the Flow for Irritability. The message of the class is a reminder that happiness is not a place, but rather a perspective. The practice involves Sun A's with side planks, Sun B's with twists, and backbends for all levels.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: You're Never Really Alone with Kacee

    In this pre-recorded philosophy session Kacee talks about the difference between aloneness and loneliness. The group explores how sitting in your own loneliness and learning to embrace it allows you the reflection and time to understand the self, realizing that non of us have the "void" that we m...

  • Blend: The 5 Elements in Practice with Kacee

    Kacee begins with a short explanation of Prana and Qi which connects to the Coffee + Philosophy: The 5 Elements discussion. Drawing your attention to these forces in your practice may facilitate balance and harmony between the 5 elements within you and the seasons. Grab two blocks and start this ...

  • Slow Burn: Managing Uncertainty with Kacee

    Kacee shares a bit of her own personal practice in a class that intends to bring you in the present moment in uncertain times. You'll need two blocks, a blanket, and a strap. Set up next to a wall if you can.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Exploring the 5 Elements with Kacee

    Kacee begins the discussion with an overview of the theory of perception, Prana, and Qi. These foundations lead the discussion to the five elements which lead to our creation and destruction patterns. Each of the five elements connect to a season of life. Noticing each element within us can revea...

  • Pose Breakdown: Sun As with Kacee

  • Slow Burn: Finding Inner Stillness + the Water Element with Kacee

    Kacee addresses the winter months in this episode of her season series. This flow encourages courage as it calms your internal waters. You'll need a chair, blanket, strap, and blocks.

  • Blend: Going through the Seasons with Kacee

    Kacee takes this class on a journey through the seasons to support whole embodiment. You'll need two blocks and a chair.

    This video was recorded on November 25, 2020.

  • Blend: Soothing the Mind with Kacee

    Kacee utilizes repetitive movements to ease and soothe the mind in class today. You'll need two blocks, a blanket, and a strap.

    This class was recorded on November 16, 2020.

  • Slow Burn: Feeling Connected with Kacee

    In the transition from metal to water, Kacee brings energy into practice to move grief and agitation. In this embodying practice, Kacee reminds us that practicing at Citizen gives us the opportunity to feel connected.

    This class was recorded on November 23, 2020.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Being Satisfied with Little with Kacee

    This discussion is centered around Good Citizens and The Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities. Kacee contemplates what our desires actually give us and the importance of cultivating present moment. Present moment embodies a home and offers a place of belonging. Furthermore, Kacee discusses the danger...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Gratitude with Kacee

    Kacee begins with a chant to encourage dropping into your being. This offers a descent from the intellect to the mind to support a devotional practice. We use this to continue the conversation about embodying your higher ideals and connecting as an individual to the whole.

    This video was record...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Doing versus Being with Kacee

    The class begins by defining doing versus being. This leads to the conversation of how to take stock of personality and how to be in the present moment. The concept of renunciation is discussed as it relates to right action. As the conversation continues, we relate this discussion to Good Citizen...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Resolving the Ego with Kacee

    Kacee and the class dive deep into the interworking of the ego. Through defining ego, love, attachment, and devotion the class deepens their understanding to bring the collective together. Within each of us there is a center that is connected to the whole circumference. Then, we connect these top...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Receipt, Reaction, Response with Kacee

    Kacee explores the concept of the three Gunas and the book Good Citizens to explore going from the known to the unknown within the self. We begin observation of the physical body, then the mind, and finally the intellect. Kacee and the class unpack the patterns that we recognize within ourselves ...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Seeing Your Wholeness with Kacee

    Kacee begins class with an embodying guided meditation. This leads to deconstructing ideas from the Bhagavad Gita and offering journaling prompts to encourage self inquiry into finding embodiment. We continue with the discussion about right action and defining success and failure. In finding a hi...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Acknowledging our Blind Spots with Kacee

    Kacee delves deep into the concept that although we may live in right action to the best of our abilities, we must acknowledge that we have blind spots. By doing this, you develop compassion for others who you perceive as blind and compassion for yourself.

    This class was recorded on November 6,...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Yoga for Mental Awareness with Kacee

    Kacee begins by defining what we are all here for: yoga. Break open the Bhagavad Gita because today we are studying the three Gunas: three broad mental conditions. Through the use of yoga, we may be able to have more control over these mental states.

    This video was recorded November 11, 2020.

  • Coffee and Philosophy: Finding Fearlessness with Kacee

    Kacee begins by discussing how consistently doing the right thing leads to a fearless mindset. Weaving in the text Bhagavad Gita, we discuss the three Gunas - attva, rajas and tamas. These three fundamental, intermingling characteristics make up the mental temperaments we experience throughout ou...