Giustina draws inspiration from somatic movement, elemental theory, and the mind-body connection. Her anatomy-specific classes thread her background in Bodywork to facilitate an informed and embodied practice. Giustina teaches yoga for collective well-being and self regulation, with an emphasis on nervous system regulation + self exploration.

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  • Restorative: Get Grounded with Giustina

    This grounded, restorative practice focuses on connecting the 5 koshas (sheaths of the body) to integrate a sense of grounding + connectedness. You'll need blocks and a blanket for this slightly stimulating practice.

  • Restorative: Heart Openers with Giustina

    Soothe the nervous system + restore your body in this grounded all levels practice focused on opening the heart. Grab blankets, pillows, and any yoga props you have to support you on this journey through the mind and body.

  • Vinyasa: Dissolve Anxiety with Giustina

    This grounded yet heat building class will focus on soothing the nervous system to prepare the body for sirsanasa (headstand one). Inversions invigorate the mind + body with the placement of the heart above the head. You'll need 1 strap and two blocks.

  • Blend: Lung Health + Deep Breaths with Giustina

    Step into this grounded + supportive all levels practice focused on expanding the chest cavity to increase lung capacity. This class incorporates both asana and pranayama to open the crest and expand the lungs to increase vitality. You'll need a blanket, a strap + 2 blocks.

  • Guided Meditation: Drop into Presence with Giustina

    Ground down and cultivate sensory awareness in this 10m guided meditation. Grab pillows + blankets to prop yourself up comfortably do you can dive in with ease.

  • Slow Burn: Revitalize with Giustina

    A moving yet restorative practice to boost immunity and relive stagnation.

  • Guided Meditation: Connect with Yourself with Giustina

    Take ten minutes to clear your mind. Grab something comfortable to sit on and settle in.

  • Slow Burn: Front Body Opening with Giustina

    De-stress and gain a fresh perspective through heart opening with Giustina. This class is perfect if you sit all day.

  • Blend: Letting Go Of Tension with Giustina

    This flow works with the lungs and the large intestine to help release tension and create space for abundance. You'll need a strap and two blocks.