Coffee + Philosophy with Kacee

Coffee + Philosophy with Kacee

Philosophy is one of the cornerstone offerings at Citizen Yoga. Our in-depth understanding of philosophy truly sets Citizen apart in the industry. In each class, we discuss philosophy that ranges from Vedanta, topic lectures, student questions, and other traditional yoga philosophy texts.

Citizen Yoga hosts weekly philosophy discussions led by Kacee and a few other Citizen Teachers. For the live sessions, all levels are welcome to join. Sign up for a live philosophy class on our Citizen Yoga Royal Oak Schedule.

These videos are pre-recorded from past philosophy classes, we recommend you listen as if it was a podcast and get your pen and paper ready to take notes!

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Coffee + Philosophy with Kacee
  • Basics of Philosophy

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Doing versus Being with Kacee

    The class begins by defining doing versus being. This leads to the conversation of how to take stock of personality and how to be in the present moment. The concept of renunciation is discussed as it relates to right action. As the conversation continues, we relate this discussion to Good Citizen...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Seeing Your Wholeness with Kacee

    Kacee begins class with an embodying guided meditation. This leads to deconstructing ideas from the Bhagavad Gita and offering journaling prompts to encourage self inquiry into finding embodiment. We continue with the discussion about right action and defining success and failure. In finding a hi...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Yoga for Mental Awareness with Kacee

    Kacee begins by defining what we are all here for: yoga. Break open the Bhagavad Gita because today we are studying the three Gunas: three broad mental conditions. Through the use of yoga, we may be able to have more control over these mental states.

    This video was recorded November 11, 2020.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Detachment + Observation with Kacee

    This conversation begins with the parable "Is that so?" that leads to finding the present moment and being in a state of sweet detachment. By doing this, we can be ourselves and be our best.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Universal Suffering with Kacee

    Kacee continues philosophy class in a deep discussion about the similarities between suffering and happiness.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Health and Toxicity with Kacee

    Kacee and the class begin by talking about the Chinese medicine perspective on how to tune into where energetic blocks develop. Kacee likens health to free-flowing energy and toxicity with energy that is blocked.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Finding Happiness in the Mundane with Kacee

    Kacee uses the four noble truths to guide your journey of doing the work and provides techniques to find happiness in small moments of the day - even through moments of suffering.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Perspectives on Suffering with Kacee

    Kacee begins with the book Good Citizens to continue the conversation around suffering as she walks through how trauma lives in the body. The discussion progresses to a deep dive into birth, death, and rebirth, and re-parenting.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Seeking Inwards with Kacee

    Go inward with Kacee for this captivating hour of discussion, where she dives into the pairs of opposites, personalization and the gunas as they relate to happiness.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Embodying the Seeker with Kacee

    Today, Kacee discusses the seeker who distinguishes the real from the unreal. This leads back to discerning attachments. Kacee provides a tool to identify attachments in general actions throughout daily life while citing "The Holocaust of Attachment" and the Bhaja Govindam.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Seeing the Unseen with Kacee

    Join us today to bring awareness to parts of yourself that are beneath the surface. Kacee discusses developing the intellect, understanding misalignments, and recognizing attachments.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Exploring the Lung Line with Kacee

    Kacee provides a space to explore the associations we have with the self. This conversation dives deep into the states of consciousness through the lens of the Lung Line. In Chinese Medicine, the Lung Line is connected to grief, sadness, and detachment.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Examining our Attachments with Kacee

    Kacee dives deep into the concept of attachment as explained in "The Holocaust of Attachment." The discussion explores the conflict between the mind and intellect, the power of developing objectivity, and the pairs of opposites within ourselves that create a unified being. Kacee synthesizes these...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Patterns and Discipline with Kacee

    Kacee explores the topics of patterns and discipline as they relate to the mind, body and intellect. This conversation is broaded by defining attachment, the role that ignorance plays and breaking down the meaning of Karma Yoga.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Refining Objectivity with Kacee

    In this philosophy discussion, Kacee and Arusha use excerpts from chapter 2 of Bhagavad Gita to dissect objectivity. she encourages you to find your armor and the power within your mind to find a higher ideal during difficult times. They'll unravel that path that our minds create through the ladd...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Looking for Blind Spots with Kacee

    Kacee guides a discussion centered around illuminating the parts of our lives which are in the dark. This is accomplished by discovering our vasanas, our true nature, and how our vasanas lead to action. The conversation aims to deconstruct the concept of ideal action written in "The Holocaust of ...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Understanding your Values with Kacee

    In this philosophy discussion, Kacee defines misery and the representation of fire (tapas & chitta) in the yoga industry while examining the connection between ignorance, selfishness and desire as they relate to our values.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: The Virus of Attachment with Kacee

    Attachment is a dependency on something outside of yourself for your emotional freedom. In this discussion, Kacee and Glen Calahan from Vedanta Institute LA unravel attachment and create a coping skill to manage your mind and find objectivity through self-reflection. This philosophy class follows...

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Digesting Frustration with Kacee

    In this discussion, Kacee and the class begin by defining global ethics in a modern world as described in the book "Good Citizens." This conversation highlights the importance of utilizing mindfulness to develop compassion and relieve frustrations.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: The Principle of Yin and Yang with Kacee

    Ignorance and knowledge, pairs of opposites and techniques for self reflection, are all explored in this thought provoking hour of discussion.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Sharpening the Intellect with Kacee

    Kacee deeply explores what is in a name in this fascinating discussion. This conversation will challenge you to develop your intellect while cross referencing the Tao Te Ching and the Bhagavad Gita.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: Center of Self with Kacee

    The comparison between attachment and detachment is highlighted in this discussion, with excerpts pulled from the text "The Holocaust of Attachment." The conversation continues by dissecting the meaning of desire and joy and how they're defined in relation to attachment.

  • Coffee + Philosophy: The First

    The first coffee and philosophy session from the web! Right when the state went into quarantine Citizen launched their first coffee +philosophy session with Jen Tindle.