Casey is a soulful guide who is passionate about inspiring intuitive, playful, and heart-centered movement. Her classes offer a creative balance of dynamic, alignment-based flow and a variety of deeply restorative meditation techniques. Casey’s goal is to provide each student with the tools to courageously step into self-love on and off of the mat.

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  • Vinyasa: Self Esteem Flow with Casey Miller

    Casey offers an empowering guided meditation and a energetic flow with a strong focus on core strengthening to support stepping into your personal power. You'll need two blocks.

  • Guided Meditation for Emotional Exhaustion with Casey

    Casey addresses burnout here with an insightful, grounding guided meditation. Find a comfortable seat and drop in.

  • Guided Meditation: Reharmonize and Rebalance with Casey

    Casey leads this guided meditation which combines breath work and tai chi movement. She utilizes Sama Vritti or equal breath to bring balance within the body and the mind.

  • Restore and Relax: Bedtime Yoga at the Wall with Casey

    Give your body the time to wind down after a long day with this simple yin sequence at the wall. You’ll be guided through longer holding postures to relax and release for the best night’s rest. A blanket, pillow, and mat are recommended for this class, but not essential.

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  • Guided Meditation: Cultivating Autenticity with Casey

    Join Casey in an inspirational guided meditation to explore your most authentic self. Casey works with the fifth chakra to open up your methods of self expression. You may want a blanket or a block to sit on.

  • Guided Meditation for Confidence with Casey

    Tap into your personal power through this quick meditation where you’ll learn mudra and breathwork techniques to cultivate confidence. Bring something comfortable to sit on for this session.

  • Vinyasa: Trauma Release Flow with Casey

    In this class you will learn how to mindfully stimulate the release of deeply held trauma in the large muscles groups of the body. All you will need is a mat and a space you feel comfortable and safe in.

  • Blend: Heart Opening + Pranayama with Casey

    Open the channels of love with this simple flow and breathwork meditation to release energetic blockages in the heart. All you will need for this class is a mat.

  • Vinyasa: Intuitive Expression with Casey Miller

    Get lost in the flow with a series of short, repetitive vinyasa sequences that are designed to inspire authentic expression and intuitive movement. All you will need for this class is a mat.

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  • Slow Burn: Low Back Release Part One with Casey

    Casey focuses on strengthening the hamstrings, quadriceps, and core to target compression in the low back. You'll need a blanket,

  • Slow Burn: Low Back Release Part Two with Casey

    In part two of this series, Casey focuses on lengthening the quadriceps and hip flexors to combat tightness in the low back. You'll need blocks, a blanket, and a strap.