Ann Fancy

Ann Fancy

Ann teaches to empower and inspire. She keeps things real in the classroom — her motto is “If I show up, I expect you to show up.” Meaning, if she is here and she is present, she wants you to do the same. Ann teaches to encourage students to hone their innate strength, cultivate courage, honor their intuition and live in their authenticity. Over the past 10 years she has taught many styles of yoga and completed a 500-hour E-RYT.

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Ann Fancy
  • Vinyasa: Satya with Ann Fancy

    Ann Fancy offers a mindful, challenging Vinyasa which centers around the niyama 'satya' or truthfulness. Listening to your body and meeting yourself where you are is essential in an honest flow.

  • Strength: 5 Minute Core with Ann Fancy

    Ann offers a functional core workout to activate and elongate the abdominals and the back body. These exercises will help you in your yoga practice. You will need two blocks.

  • Slow Burn: Intention Setting for Spring with Ann Fancy

    Kick off the spring season with this thoughtful, powerful flow. Ann discusses setting the foundation of fruitful soil to cultivate our intentions. You'll need two blocks.

  • Vinyasa: Non-attachment + Pincha Play with Ann Fancy

    Ann offers a challenging, fiery vinyasa flow as she continues with her Yamas/Niyamas series. The Yamas are the first limb of the 'Eight Limbs of Yoga' originating from 'The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Today she discusses Aparigraha - which is is the last Yama. It often translates to non-greed and n...

  • Slow Burn: Santosha/Contentment with Ann Fancy

    In this part of Ann's Yamas & Niyamas series, she dives deep into the concept of contentment with messaging during the fiery moments of this cerebral slow burn. You'll need two blocks, a blanket, and a strap.

  • Pose Breakdown: Warrior I with Ann Fancy

    Today, Ann breaks down the alignment in the foundational pose Warrior I and its modification Crescent Warrior.

  • Pose Breakdown: Warrior II with Ann Fancy

    Ann breaks down another foundational pose today as she explains the fundamentals of Warrior II for different body types.

  • Pose Breakdown: Down Dog with Ann Fancy

    Join this tutorial to learn proper alignment for your body in downward facing dog. Regardless if you are hyper mobile or on the tighter side, Ann will provide guidance to help improve your practice!

  • Pose Breakdown: Chaturanga with Ann Fancy

    In this video, you will learn the common mistakes of chaturanga (the "yoga pushup") and how to avoid them! Ann will also guide you through strength building exercises for all levels to improve your chaturanga.

  • Blend: Ahimsa/Non Violence with Ann Fancy

    Join Ann Fancy in a fully guided class for all levels where you will get in touch with your breath and inner physical strength. This class focuses on breaking down postures, opening the hips and balancing with a lens of non violence. Grab a block and join in!

  • Slow Burn: Saucha, Hips and Splits with Ann Fancy

    Through the series of twisted, standing poses + seated hip openers, Ann will push you to sit in the discomfort to build strength and resilience.

    The idea of Saucha, the idea of being at your highest frequency, is weaved throughout the flow.

  • Blend: Traditionally Ann with Ann Fancy

    Connect to the heart of your practice in this Blend with Ann. Start with a series of traditional sun a’s + b’s and move into a full scale practice that works the whole body. End your practice with hip opening + gentle forward and backbends.